To choose the right manufacturer for your leather accessories is no easy task. There are so many things to consider before starting the manufacturing process: with material and colour being just some of the few.

When it comes to accessories, there is also so much to evaluate. You might already have a specific design in mind or you are happy to start from scratch. Whatever your needs and requests, The Little Leather Factory has what you need.

By following a simple 3-step approach, you will be able to order a full collection of leather accessories.

-Step 1:

Here at the Little Leather Factory, we believe that being creative is extremely important when coming up with a new bespoke concept. That is, exactly, why we pay so much attention to what we like to call our initial and maybe most important step: “The Creative Step”

This is when you will first turn your dream into a physical product. During the design phase, we will study and research your ideas, sketches and plans and convert them into production-ready designs.

-Step 2

Now that is when the magic happens. During this phase, we will make your item for the very first time. This is a very useful step as you will be able to test your item and make sure it is perfect for your launch and suited to your needs.

-Step 3

Finally, we move to production; this means that once your sample product is approved, we then proceed and create a full collection of items according to your requests.

Something about us, we are an experienced leather goods manufacturer. We consider our products to be a statement to our years of expertise and we pride ourselves on having highly skilled designers on our team; with some of them boasting a fashion career with some of the best Italian brands including Rocco Barocco, Maxmara and Valentino.

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