Here at the Little Leather Factory, we specialise in both leather and vegan leather products. This means that you will design your very own bag in your leather of choice. Did you know that eco-leather is a favourite with big names such as Meghan Markle and Melania Trump? Did you know that it also comes from different sources and that, by no means, affects its quality and aesthetics?

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A celebrity favourite

Stella Mc Cartney/Falabella tote Image courtesy of Farfetch

With Meghan Markle and Melania Trump being only a few who swear by vegan leather, it is easy to understand how popular it has become in the UK and the rest of the world; including wonderful designers such as Stella McCartney who only and exclusively features the eco-friendly option in her collections.

Highly Versatile

From moto jackets in every cut and colour to the perfect little black dress, car interiors, accessories and so much more, vegan leather is a flexible, highly versatile material that can accommodate different tastes, needs and preferences.

Available from Different Sources

Vegan leather comes from cork or it can be kelp-based. However, in the past years, new research studies have explored different vegan leather sources including mushroom and coconut water; a new startup, Made from Malai, developed, in fact,  a compostable vegan leather from bacterial cellulose found in discarded coconut water.

Product designers Susmith C. Suseelan and Zuzana Gombosova only very recently decided to launch vegan materials startup Made from Malai. The duo creates durable leather using “malai”—bacterial cellulose which derives from coconut water, discarded by a factory in Kerala, India.

This coconut water is then manipulated into different items including purses.

Here at The Little Leather Factory, we can craft any accessory with vegan leather. Make sure you visit our vegan leather section to find out more or click here to contact our team.