January is all about New Year’s Resolutions and no booze, February is the month to focus on you, what you want, where you want be and most importantly, how to launch your new business venture.

Here, at The Little Leather Factory, we are passionate about new businesses and always go to the extra mile to meet our customers’ expectations.

If you are in the accessory world and want to launch your very own leather bag collection, you could not be in better hands. Get a look at our mini-guide below and don’t forget to drop our team of experts a line with your details.

1st Step, Options

Have a think about your options. Do you have a design in mind you would like us to manufacture for you? Do you like one of our bags and are more interested in a private label? We always advise our customers to have a good think about what kind of collection they want to go for. We will be able to support you along the way whatever your choice.

2nd Step, Samples

Once you know if it’s going to be a bespoke design or a private label service, we will help you build your very first sample, for the bespoke option, so that you can be 100% happy with your choice, or show you examples of our previous works we have manufacturered; so that you can have a feel of what your collection will look like.

3rd Step, Quantities

Again, have a good think about quantities. Think about how many you want to use for marketing purposes to send to bloggers and the media, think about how many you will use to sell on your site and/or with local boutiques.

For anything else, don’t forget to get in touch with our team! We look forward to hearing from you.